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Webster’s dictionary defines “custom” as “made to order goods.”  When it comes to custom web site builders, webmasters are looking for the same thing, “made to order.”  In other words, a web authoring tool that allows the user customizable control over the website design and development.

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Today there are many web page builders available, especially online that will allow you to create your own website for personal use or e-commerce.  Here’s my top 5 list of what I think are important in a custom HTML editor. 

custom web site builder


Ease of Use / User Friendly – Lets face it, if you purchase web design software that is hard to learn and use, how good do you think your website is going to be? How long will it take you to create it? Who will you turn to when your confused?

2). Customization – Your website builder should give you complete control over web page design, layout, use of scripts, use of templates, shopping cart usage, and incorporating images, audio and video. You shouldn’t be restricted to the scripts, images, website templates, shopping cart that may or may not come with the website designer.

3). Professional Results – We all want our websites to look professional, well most of us do anyway. Before making a purchase view some sites made with the web editor that you are considering and see if you like the professionalism of those sites. Ease of use also ties in here, if the website builder is difficult to use it will probably be hard to get the results you want with a professional look.

4). Cost Effective – How many websites will you build? Most online website builders charge for each individual website that you create. If you purchase software then you can usually build as many sites as you wish for no additional cost.

5). Reputable Company – Whether you purchase a software program or go with an online service make sure that the company stands behind their product. Do they have a good reputation, offer quick professional customer service and support? What is the refund policy – these usually vary from 30 days up to 1 year.

To build a website, choosing the best custom website builder for your business is an important decision, one that will effect you well into the future.  Customization of your web authoring tool is an essential element.  As your business grows you will undoubtedly want to incorporate more aspects into your website and your website builder should help and not hinder your efforts.

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