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What you should know before making a purchase.

Are you ready to get your business online or start a business on line and create a website?  Unless you know HTML and enjoy coding a website, you will probably be in the market for a easy web site builder or a professional you can hire to build a website for you.  What makes a web site builder easy?  What should you consider before making a purchase.  How much experience do you really need to create an e-commerce site?  What are the top products on the market?  Would it just be best to hire a professional to build your site?   

What makes a website builder easy?

Let's face it you are probably busy and don't like spending more time learning something new than you have to.  So an easy HTML editor shouldn't take weeks to figure out.  The two products that you have probably heard of (Frontpage and Dreamweaver) are very confusing to learn for the average computer user.  Now don't get me wrong they are great programs and will produce professional results but they have a steep learning curve.  But there are easier solutions available that will produce professional results in a fraction of the time and for a lot less.  After building many websites over the past several years I know what helped me ease that learning curve. 

Things to consider when shopping for website building software.

The web page builder should allow you to create web pages in a "WYSIWYG" (what you see is what you get) environment. If you can use a word processor then you should be able to create pages easily with this type of editor.
The website creator software should automatically create the site map as you build the website. Without this feature you would have to manually keep track of every page you build and the URL's and then create a page to list them on.
The software should also automatically create the navigation menus. Without this feature you would have to keep track of all your pages and URL's and then find the correct place in the code to list them for your navigation.
It should be easy to change templates, and layout colors.
To make uploading your website to your server easy, the program should also include a FTP - with just a few clicks your website is available on the world wide web.
Flexibility is also important, you want the program to grow with you. As you become more experienced you may want to add or edit the HTML code, or add a script to your site.
Customer service, support, and a user forum are extremely important. You want to be able to ask a question and get a quick response if you get stuck.
An on page SEO feature will ensure that your pages are optimized for natural search engine traffic.

Obviously this is not an all inclusive list, but these are things that helped me out the most when I was just learning to build websites.    When I first started I thought I wanted DreamWeaver, that is until I tried it.  It was very confusing for me to use and I am a pretty computer savvy guy.  I decided there must be a better way and began my research to find it.  Yes, there are easier ways to build professional websites.

Easy Web Site Builders - Top choices to consider...

XsitePro Total Site Management - This by far my favorite.  This program easily has all the features and benefits listed above, plus many many more.  I have two pages of reviews on this product, please click the following link to learn more about XsitePro Easy Web Site Builder.

SEO Website Builder - This is another good option.  This program does a good job at building websites easily.  Although, it does not meet all the criteria that I have listed above.  However it is very easy to use.  If you know that you will never want to manually edit any HTML code then this product is worth considering.

Site Build It! - Another good option, however it also does not include all the features that I have listed above.  Although if you want a step by step, all in one solution that's very simple then this may be the option for you.  Site Build It is an all in one solution with easy website building, hosting, auto responder plus many other tools.  This program makes you build your website in steps, and it all begins with keyword research.  You must complete each step before you are allowed to proceed to the next, for me this was just too restrictive.  The cost of this product may also seem a little steep to some as it will cost you $299 per year per website.  Click here for more information on Site Build It!


Hiring a professional - If you really don't know or like using computers or maybe you are just too busy, then hiring a web designer is another option for you.  The downfall here is the price, especially if you are just starting out as hiring a professional can be expensive.  When you hire a web designer they will build and maintain the site for you.  Whenever you want to make changes you will have to go through them, unless you understand HTML code or have the program they used to create your website. 

Today consumers and business owners have many choices when it comes to easy web development tools.  However, as with any purchase it's always important to know what you really need before you make your purchase.  Creating a website really can be easy with the right tools.







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