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XSitePro Video Tutorials 

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  1. Working With Tables  Length:  5:32 minutes (By Request)
    This video shows how to easily display an image next to text by using tables.  Learn several tips for setting table and cell properties, setting tables to the correct size, centering tables and cells, etc.  These principles can be applied to display tables correctly across most browsers.
  2. 100% Header and Footer  Length:  4:57 minutes (By Request)
    In this video you will learn how to have a 100% width header and footer in XSitePro.
    This is a basic solid-color header, but these techniques can be used for detailed graphical headers also.
  3. Importing Templates  Length:  6:00 minutes
    This video will show several ways of importing templates to be used with and without the XSitePro Template Selector.
  4. Modified Left Panel  Length:  10:38 minutes (By Request)
    This video will demonstrate how to have a different left panel on some of your pages.
  5. Adding Audio  Length:  2:44 minutes
    Learn how to easily add audio to your XSitePro 2 website.
  6. Adding RSS feeds  Length:  4:19 minutes
    RSS Feeds are a great way to increase the content density of your Web sites and XSitePro ver 2 makes this process a quick and simple one with its built-in RSS Feeds Wizard.
  7. Adding Video  Length:  6.57 minutes
    This video shows how you can easily add videos with the built-in Video Wizard.
  8. Google Adsense  Length:  6:28 minutes
    Monetizing your XSitePro Web sites just couldn’t be easier than with the built-in Adsense tool. This video shows how easily you can add Adsense advertising to all pages of your website or just to one at a time.
  9. Non-XSitePro Template  Length: 6:21 minutes (By Request)
    A "Quick and Dirty" way of getting a non-XSitePro template installed into XSitePro.
  10. Rebuilding Non-XsitePro Templates  Length:  10:17 minutes (By Request)
    Learn how to rebuild non-XSitePro templates.
  11. Creating a Review Box  Length:  5:48 minutes
    Continuing from video 10, we will now create the Review Box for our review site.
  12. Creating a Non-Graphical Review Box  Length: 4:58 minutes (By Request)
    Creating a Review Box using only a table - no images.
  13. Resizing Images  Length:  2:56 minutes
    Resize images using Paint, which is already on your PC.  Smaller file sizes = faster-loading pages.
  14. Creating an Image Map  Length: 7:27 minutes (By Request)
    Image Maps can be very useful in creating links on header images and others.
  15. Table Borders  Length:  3:59 minutes
    Learn how to create cross browser compatible borders.
  16. Aweber Lightbox Length  3:30 minutes (By Request)
    Learn how to install an Aweber Lightbox input form into an XSitePro web page.
  17. Using Images from your Graphics Designer - Length  6:01 minutes (By Request)
    Learn how to use template images that you have received from your graphics designer.
  18. Importing Pages - Length 3:30 minutes (By Request)
    This is a demo of how to import multiple pages into XSitePro in just a few steps.
  19. Clip Art Library - Length: 4:03 minutes
    Achieve stunning visual effects on your Web site's pages by taking advantage of XSitePro's incredibly powerful built-in Clip Art Library.
  20. Working with the Designer window - Length:  4:39 minutes
    The Designer window is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows you to create all of your Web pages in a visual environment.
  21. Projects and Websites - Length:  5:42 minutes
    With the power to create as many websites as you could possibly want - you can often find that, without realizing, you've built up quite a collection - watch this video to learn how to stay organized.
  22. Page Layout Tutorial - Length:  5:46 minutes
    Learn how to use the powerful (but easy to use) Page Layout designer, and get complete control over the look and feel of your site.
  23. Tokens for your website - Length:  3:48 minutes
    The tokens feature of XSitePro is incredibly powerful. How would you like to fully customize imported pages AS they import - watch the video to see how.
  24. Navigation Menus - Length:  5:45 minutes
    Learn how easy XSitePro makes it for your website visitors to navigate around you site.
  25. The Design Wizard - Length: 5:17 minutes
    The Design Wizard can help dramatically speed up the design process by providing quick access to frequently-used Web page elements, such as buttons, headlines, graphics, text boxes, highlighting...
  26. Publishing your Website - Length: 4:22 minutes
    XSitePro really does the whole lot for you. Even when it comes to publishing your site, XSitePro makes it push- button simple.
  27. Positioning Images - Length: 5:03 minutes (By Request)
    Positioning images can be frustrating, watch the video to learn a few tricks.
  28. Image and Text Alignment - Length:  3:10 minutes (By Request)
    In this vieo you will learn how to wrap your text around an image.
  29. Visual Lightbox - Length:  10:11 minutes (By Request)
    In this video you will learn how to use Visaul Lightbox software to create a nice image gallery in your XSitePro website.
  30. Custom Template Slice and Installation - Length:  8:24 minutes (By Request)
    In this video you will learn how slice a custom template and then install the individual slices into XSitePro.
  31. Stylish Template Header Image Replacement - Length:  4:26 minutes
    In this video I will go oever how to change out the header image in the stylish templates.
  32. Robots - Length: 3:19 minutes
    Learn about the different settings available for the Robots.
  33. Quick Pages - Length: 3:23 minutes
    Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create great looking pages in record time.
  34. Affiliate Wizard - Length: 4:17 minutes
    Keeping track of all those affiliate schemes is really easy using XSitePro.
  35. Amazon - Length: 5:37 minutes
    XSitePro make inserting Amazon affiliate adverts so quick and easy.
  36. Breadcrumbs - Length: 2:59 minutes
    In this video you will learn how to  all about Breadcrums.  What they are and how to set them up.
  37. Form Wizard - Length: 5:26 minutes
    As anyone who's been marketing online for any period of time will tell you, building a mailing list is an absolutely essential (and potentially very profitable) part of any Internet marketing business.
  38. Mobile Site Wizard - Length: 4:11 minutes
    In this video you will learn how to get a mobile-version of your website built and published.
  39. Multi-Page Creation Wizard - Length: 4:55 minutes
    Quickly add dozens of pages to our site, with minimal effort, all of which were optimized for the search engines; keyword rich and ready to publish.
  40. Page Breaks - Length: 3:47 minutes
    Using this amazing feature you can convert one long article into 3 pages of content in less than 5 seconds.
  41. Custom Scrips - Length: 4:22 minutes
    In this video, learn how to easily insert custom scripts into your webpages.
  42. Page Analysis - Length: 5:20 minutes
    In this video you will learn how to make sure your webpages "On-Page SEO" is ready to go!
  43. Design Wizards - Length: 5:17 minutes
    A demonstration on just what the Design Wizard can do for your website.
  44. Paypal - Length: 4:51 minutes
    A demonstration on just what the Design Wizard can do for your websIn this video you will learn how to use the in-build PayPal Buy-Now Button module in XSitePro, the whole process of adding a product sales process to your website it only a matter of a few clicks.te.
  45. Popup Wizard - Length: 5:19 minutes
    Pop-ups can be a great way to grab people's attention either while they're browsing your site or as soon as they decide to leave. Using the in-built pop-up wizard you can quickly design and create effective pop-ups that could boost visitor response no end.
  46. Redirect Pages - Length: 4:34 minutes
    In this video you will learn how to set up and use Redirect pages.
  47. Report - Length: 3:58 minutes
    In this video you will learn how to use the XSitePro comprehensive in-built reporting that keeps you on top of the different tasks associated with creating a website.
  48. Robots - Length: 3:19 minutes
    In this video you will learn how the different settings for the Robots.
  49. Scheduling - Length: 3:41 minutes
    Imagine having a website that updates itself while you sleep... publishing fresh, unique content on autopilot without you having to even lift a finger. Well... that's what you can do with this feature.
  50. Siloing - Length: 5:00 minutes
    One of the more advanced features of XSitePro, siloing allows you to create keyword-themed sections of content within your website for maximum search engine benefit.
  51. SiteMaps - Length: 6:13 minutes
    Site maps are a really great way to not only let your human visitors know where everything is on your site but they're also a great way of getting that content found, by the search engines.
  52. Site Search - Length: 3:51 minutes
    Site maps are a really great way to not only let your human visitors know where everything is on your site but they're also a great wIn this video you will learn how to use the XSitePro Site Search feature to help your website visitors find what they want on your website.y of getting that content found, by the search engines.
  53. Social Bookmarking - Length: 3:44 minutes
    In this video you will learn how to use the XSitePro Social Bookmarking widget to help promote your webpages.
  54. Website Cleanup - Length: 3:03 minutes
    Over time, as you add new pages, delete old ones, update sections of your site and so on, you're going to find that you get left with a whole bunch of redundant files - images, videos, web pages and so on.
  55. Widgets - Length: 5:37 minutes
    In this video you will learn all about the many widgets available in XSitePro.
  56. XML Syndication - Length: 4:49 minutes
    Once your website content is live, and available for people to view, you need to encourage people to share that content, to maximise its reach, and to build the volume of traffic to your site.
  57. Embed MP4 Video - Length:  3:22 minutes
    Learn how to embed an mp4 video into your XSItePro webpage.
  58. Template Color Change - Legth: 6:30 minutes
    In this video, you will learn how to change the color of your XSitePro template.
  59. Positioning Images - Length:  3:18 minutes
    In this video I will show you how to space images in the design tab.


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